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IJIRST Invitation Call for Paper Vol. 4 Issue 9 – February 2018

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IJIRST – A Review on Food Safety in India with Focus on Food Catering Organizations in India

#International #Journal for #Innovative #Research in #Science & #Technology

Volume 1 Issue – 10, 2015

Authors : Heena Yadav ; Dr. Ranjana Mahna ; Dr. Tejmeet K. Rekhi

Food safety and quality problems have become most frequent in India and other countries. Studies have indicated that with increasing awareness consumer today demand safe food. Food Safety and Standard Act is one law ensuring that all the food provided to consumer is safe. Food catering industries need to adhere to food safety standards to ensure safe food to consumers. The studies in pat have indicated the presence of harmful chemicals and pathogens in the various food items especially street food. However, there is a striking paucity of reliable data in quality evaluation and food safety researches in catering organization are very few in India. More research needs to be done in catering organizations to get a clear picture about food safety in these organizations.
#Foodsafety, #foodhygiene, #HACCP, #FSSA #Hazards

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Design of Slot Patch Antenna and Comparative Study of Feeds for C Band Applications

#C-Band, #IE3D, #MicrostripPatch, #Wimax, #WLAN

International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology

Volume 1 Issue – 12 | Year of Publication : 2015

Authors : Jitendra Velip ; Dr.H.G.Virani


This research work presents design, simulation and comparison of microstrip patch antenna designed using different feed techniques. The Microstrip feed techniques are microstrip line feed, inset feed, coaxial feed, aperture coupled feed and proximity coupled feed. We have chosen to compare co-axial feed and microstrip inset feed due to the advantage that it can be easily fabricated and simplicity in modelling as well as impedance matching. The objective of this paper is to design a rectangular microstrip patch antenna which operates in C-band at 5.2 GHz. Microstrip antennas are most suited for aerospace and mobile applications etc. They can be designed in variety of shapes. Therefore, method of moments based IE3D software is used to design a Microstrip Patch Antenna with enhanced gain and bandwidth. IE3D is an integrated full-wave electromagnetic simulation and optimization package for the analysis and design of 3D and planar microwave circuits. The IE3D has become the most versatile, easy to use, efficient and accurate electromagnetic simulation tool. It computes most of the useful quantities of interest such as radiation pattern, input impedance and gain etc. The microstrip patch antenna is designed and simulated using high frequency simulation software IE3D and it is designed to operate in C-band frequency range (4GHz-8GHz). These antennas are designed using RT-duroid dielectric substrate with the permittivity εr=2.2. In this analysis, we have compared the antenna parameters such as gain, impedance, reflection coefficient, VSWR and further the performance of these two feed techniques discussed. The antenna has been designed for the range 5-6 GHz; hence this antenna is highly suitable for C-band applications wimax applications, and other wireless systems.

Source: International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology – IJIRST

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International Journal for Innovative Research in Science and Technology

IJIRST (International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology) is an autonomous, peer-reviewed online journal. It serves as an universal discussion identified with building training, distributed at present monthly each year. Researchers, teachers, analysts and also students are welcome to talk about their exploration, evaluation, thoughts and viewpoints in the field of Science and Technology world wide.

IJIRST got new IC Value for evaluation year – 2016 : 71.12
Call for Paper : Volume 4,  Issue 6 November 2017
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National Conference on “Latest Trends in Networking and Cyber Security” 17 March, 2017

National Conference on “Latest Trends in Networking and Cyber Security”  17 March, 2017
We are pleased to invite you to attend/participate in the National Conference LTNCS-2017 will be held on 17th March 2017, organized by Computer Engineering Department of SAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING RESEARCH, Ahmedabad.
LTNCS-2017 aims to gather technocrats from different states of India on a common platform to promote research activities in all fields of Networking and Cyber Security. LTNCS-2017 adhere different Technical Topics as under.

1). Cybercrime
2). Distributed Network
3). Forensic & Cyber Security with Cloud
4). Security issues with big data
5). Ethical hacking

We would like to invite research papers based on original research work from Researchers, Academicians, Faculty Members and Students in various innovative areas of Networking and Cyber Security.

All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed by renowned experts. The reviewed papers will be published in one of the reputed technical journal namely IJIRST “International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology” having impact factor 3.559.

With the same, we take this opportunity to invite you all to participate in this conference and share your innovative ideas and research. We shall appreciate your participation in the conference and confirmation for the same at the earliest.

We request you to forward this information to your faculty colleagues, research scholars and students for contributing research papers for LTNCS-2017.

For more information about the conference kindly contact us

Contact No: 8128989597